Spes Mea in Deo – My hope is in God. Family Motto of the “Greeff”. Have you ever thought of The farm 'Hope', or 'The Castle of Good Hope',  or The Bravery Medal called 'Castle of Good Hope' (2003) The  liqueur brandy, 'CAPE HOPE'..?  In the “Groot Trek”, the Greeff family was responsible for all wheel reparations, of any oxwagon, that broke a wheel on the trail, 1820, South - Africa. 

My granddad was Japie Abaram Storm. Mom, Martha Susanna Storm, was born Bethlehem, 19 Sept. 1946. RIP. Jesaja 40:8. Phd in Nemotology.

I my self, was born English...Gatooma, Rhodesia 16 Nov. 1974. Immegrated to South - Africa 1975. Granddad Barend Fredrich Greeff, was born South West Africa.....Baron Barend Fredrich Gustav Greeff's desendants, (Great granddad.) My dad was a Cottonbreader of trade, Dr. Armand Ivan Greeff, 20 Jul. 1946. 2Tim. 4:7 RIP. 

My studies led me to Nature Conservation, from a young age. Ended up as an Assessor in the subject.

Assessor 613/A/002782/2013


Present:  Freelance guiding , Ruighoek 40124 , NW Prov. RSA.

Making bricks for building accomadation - Have a quadbike, outdoor shower and 2 single beds for accomadation.

a Backpacker retreat for a camper. Pay R150 p.p. a night and have a breakfast of sadza and kafeè. (2× sugar)

Solar for hotwater and cellphone charge, are possible. Pork can be bought live. 

There are space for camping in a tent, under shadenet or in the caravan. 

Indemnity need be signed.